Learned, Led and Delivered at Premier Companies


What We Do.   ACT enables you to successfully identify, evaluate and operationalize retail technologies that will drive customer retention, revenue and/or profit growth.  Because our practitioners are former retail executives, we look at the business the same way you do – for ways to attract and profitably build traffic; to leverage effective vendor collaboration and spending; and, to expand consumption and share.

ACT is a strategic retail management consulting firm that is knowledgeable of and works with third party software technologies on behalf of our clients.  ACT does not develop software.

Our Retail Expertise.  ACT practitioners focus on:

  • Merchandising – price management, price optimization, promotion planning & optimization, assortment, shelving, category management, and best practice processes;
  • Customer Marketing – Stealth marketing, CRM, loyalty program launches/upgrades, segmentation, customer insights, and card-less customer analytics;
  • Forecasting & Replenishment – sales, financial and demand forecasting solutions; and
  • Private Label – Assortment, pricing, merchandising and sourcing strategy.

Our Work. 

Example #1:  Grow Gross Profits through better Pricing.  With practitioners implementing over 40 price management and price optimization solutions, our approach is straight-forward, but thorough:

    1. Identify & quantify the opportunity, by analyzing the business, competitors, consumer responses and underlying organizational capabilities.  Find the risks and devise a plan to meet the business’ margin enhancement objectives.
    2. Design and validate the solution.  What solves the need better, price management, price optimization, or something else?  Work with software vendors to validate the technology fit, as well as the organizational fit.  Formalize requirements and select solution vendor.
    3. Enable the organization.  Operationalize the solution, business processes and incentive changes; measure performance and deliver the intended impact.

Example #2:  Loyalty Program Go-to-Market Strategy, Launch Plan and Budget.  Starting with just the Executive Committee’s one-page program definition, we’ve created a multi-year strategy for program launch, through attracting and retaining customers to leveraging customer insights in merchandising and marketing.  We identified hidden requirements, road-mapped a course of action and defined an approach to validate consumer touch-points and program elements, step by step.

Example #3:  Change Management for Promotion Planning.  A multi-national retailer has asked ACT to define a comprehensive change management program to support their migration from Excel- based planning to an enterprise application (e.g., JDA, DemandTec or Retail Express).  We address not only the technical change aspects, but also the organizational, business process and communication aspects – all while ensuring delivery of the intended performance objectives.

Our Resources.

ACT’s practitioners have deep retail industry knowledge, with on-average 20+ years of hands-on experience.   Whether at the C-level, Department VP or Group Manager level, our folks learned and led at Wal-Mart, Ahold, Safeway, K-Mart, Sears, CVS/Long’s and can become a virtual part of your extended team.   Across the industry, our Try-B4-Buy™, Solution Performance Management™ and Performance Change Management™ programs are unique.

We look forward to your unqualified success!