ACT's Solution Performance Management methodology

SPM Methodology

Applied Commerce Technology (ACT) Associates bring an array of perspectives and experience to each project. Among the methods used by the ACT Team, “Solution Performance Management”(TM) is a project-tested process that provides the client early benefit and clarity to the viability of options and solutions that commonly emerge during the project.

1.    Address Right Opportunity

  • Identify / Confirm / Prioritize the Right Opportunities
  • Quantify the P&L Impact; Identify Strategic Benefits
  • Identify Risks and Vulnerabilities
  • Baseline: Performance, Processes, Organization, Tools/Info
  • Summarize Cost Benefit (CBA)
  • High-level Requirements
  • Decide: Go/No-Go… Move to…..2.SOLUTION

2.  Fit the Right Total Solution

  • Design “Whole” Solution & Transformation Strategy
  • Roadmap Solution Components
  • Validate Solution “Fit”
  • Validate Solution “Functionality”
  • Validate Solution “Scale”
  • Value-prioritize Requirements
  • Update CBA; Conduct Search
  • Decide: Go/Fix/No Go …Move to …….3.IMPACT

3.    Deliver the Right Impact

  • Implement Technical Plan
  • Implement Transformation Plan
  • Monitor Value / Risk
  • Define Trigger Maintenance Points
  • Measure, Monitor & Reward Success
  • Score Results vs. CBA
  • Decide: Refine/Stop or …Move to UPGRADE