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OPERATORS … Have Sustainable Competitive Advantage?

Product Marketing

Are you seeking:

  • To reduce perishable shrink?
  • To effectively engage Shoppers in Stealth/Entry Marketing?
  • To leverage traceability technologies for competitive advantage?
  • To optimize store-specific Assortment and Pricing?
  • To enhance demand forecasts and reordering?

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PRODUCT SUPPLY … Have an Omni-Channel Demand Signal?

Product Supply and Manufacturing

Do you have visibility to:

  • Operational promotion, advertising and price-change calendars?
  • Elasticity-adjusted Consumer Demand?
  • On-going sales variance to plan?
  • Integrated targeted and mass channel demand signal?
  • Multi/Omni-channel consolidated Demand?

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VENDORS … Need CPG/Retail Solution Validation?

Validated Innovations

Are you seeking to:

  • Link your solution more closely to real industry issues?
  • Identify value propositions that resonate strongly with Retailers and/or Manufacturers?
  • Credibly validate your solution’s ROI?
  • Effectively “Operationalize” your solution within a client environment?
  • Support your client’s requirement for reliable “Solution Performance”                                  

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